Moloch Letalis, Deaths Cold Wind The Devil’s Whisper / Apeiron

Artists: Moloch Letalis, Deaths Cold Wind
Album name: The Devil’s Whisper / Apeiron
Label: Old Temple
Style: Old School Black/Death/Thrash
Format: CD

Price: 6.00 EUR

Moloch Letalis / Death’s Cold Wind “The Devil’s Whisper – Apeiron” is a two hordes split, devoting to old-school metal essence where fire of the past was spell. This is a split containing the uncompromising nature of wild and distant Ecuadorian lands and Polish Hell barbarism. Moloch Letalis tirelessly walking on filthy underground paths for almost fifteen years give us a flogging by five premiere and merciless dead / black / thrash metal tracks. Death’s Cold Wind is a deadly machine forged devil metal for more than fifteen years, characterized by devotion and determination, and the well-received album “Subyugador-In Goat We Trust” confirms the rule that real metal is being cast in hell fire. Blasphemy, Hell and Death !!!